“If I’m at your house

and I began to move from room to room

straightening pictures on your wall,

that’s commendable,

but if your house is on fire

and I began to move from room to room

straightening pictures,

I’ve become evil, and wicked

not choosing

to use my time
to save your life.”

I realize that I’m an intense person . . . with an intense personality.

There’s really never been much successful hiding of that fact. LOL.

And, certainly, I’m NOT one size fits all.

And certainly many biases of some readers convince them–coupled with my personality features–that I write primarily to stir up unwarranted to very questionable noise upsetting to Sunday afternoon teas, to the body politic and to sane net forum discourse.

And, certainly, as a watchman trying hard to err on the side of crying the alarm whenever the least bit evidently useful . . . I certainly earn a lot of “He cries wolf far too often” claims.

Yeah, I do expect readers to prayerfully sort out the warnings I write about and seek God’s face for what HE considers important FOR EACH OF THEM in THEIR contexts and for THEIR whatever follow-throughs.

It has appeared in recent months . . .

that a few to several or more mods and users on a number of websites . . .

have begun to intensify their efforts

to prevent expression of views

which they evidently perceive to be a hindrance to satanic Marxist globalist goals, values and perspectives.

I wonder how many readers would be willing to watch for such phenomena and report back to this thread when they see such things.

I’m particularly interested in what SORT of websites they observe such on.

Is it only on moderate to liberal websites or also on conservative websites?

Is it also only

1. in behalf of BRAZENLY GLOBALIST values, goals, strategies, actions, politicos etc.

or also

2. in behalf of moderately globalist values, goals, strategies, actions, politicos?

and/or also

3. in behalf of posts, writings, which could logically be construed as having nothing whatsoever to do with globalist values, goals, actions, strategies, politicos etc. but are seemingly generalized, blackwashed as such?

In #3′s case, that is, do mods and more globalist supportive users wail, agitate, hit abuse buttons etc. toward posts and posters who are logically to clearly saying nothing against globalism but are attacked AS THOUGH THEY WERE.

It is hard to discern in the current craziness of our Republic and our END TIMES ERA . . . just what is going on.

It is certainly logical . . . that IF . . . as many contend, we are ramping up to a full scale WW3 . . . that the psych-ops folks would be operating at full steam and full speed to control perceptions, minimize the effectiveness of truly conservative Christian perspectives etc.

Yet, it’s difficult in such complexity to discern and sort out with any clearly definitive understanding the parameters of such efforts, IF that is, actually, what is going on.

Soooooooo IF there are readers to these humble lines, PLEASE SPEAK UP and share your perspectives. I’m rather limited to my own without y’all’s help.

My own sense is that there may well be an intensifying of such efforts but I’m not absolutely sure.

Thanks in advance,

Da Ai Xin



A number of thoughts . . . briefly . . .

1. I’m convinced that God intends for America to endure in some form past looming literal Armageddon. Therefore, it will.

2. God is also not about to leave America any less disciplined than He was forced to discipline Israel a number of times in the Old Testament. We have crossed far too far over too many outrageously sinful lines . . . gross rampant infanticide being but one of the more serious ones.

3. The globalist oligarchy is determined to do what they can to utterly destroy America in order to make setting up the global government easier. They will “achieve” a LOT toward that goal by many horrible, very deadly and chaotic means.

4. Even most Pentecostal conservative alert END TIMES AWARE Christians are woefully unprepared spiritually and in terms of daily life prep. Most pastors have been irresponsible and negligent, imho.

5. Shoot, even tons of FREEPERS think it’s virtually unpatriotic to just open one’s eyes and register what’s going on in our faces these days. They have hardly BEGUN to wrap their noggins around the REAL realities looming on the near horizon.

6. God alone is our refuge. Folks need to be praying and possibly fasting as they are led and able . . . and stockpiling as they are led and able. Pretending that in all cases God is going to send angelic hosts to provide steak and what not is just not my sense of what’s ahead.

7. Those who are most confessed up, repented up, prayed up, forgiven up, ready to go up . . . walking closest to God will be treated like the 5 wise virgins in a variety of ways. Others won’t. Some will make Heaven by a very thin margin.

8. Memorizing Scripture is a wise exercise while we can.

9. Learning to forgive is essential.

10. Learning patience is essential.

11. Learning humility is essential.

12. Learning to let go of anger is essential.

13. Learning that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in high places is essential.

14. Learning to hear God’s voice and obey His voice—and no other—will be increasingly essential.

15. Being prepared to walk utterly away AND NOT LOOK BACK at EVERYTHING in one’s life . . . will be increasingly essential.

16. Knowing how to count the cost of following anything and anyone but JESUS, HIS SPIRIT, HIS FATHER . . . IS ESSENTIAL.

17. Denominationally addicted churchianity will be a curse instead of a help. Won’t matter the organization or structure; traditions nor lineage of any kind. God will turn a deaf ear to the “Yeah, but’s . . . “

18. Petty and even some significant denominational distinctives will fall by the wayside as far from important. Folks clinging to them will find themselves left by God of The Angel Armies . . . in the frightful dust—increasingly OUTSIDE THE CAMP OF THE RIGHTEOUS.

19. Those who learn to Trust God utterly and put HIM UTTERLY FIRST SHALL DO GREAT EXPLOITS by His Spirit, His Power, His will assisted by His angel armies..

20. Luke warm pseudo-’Christians’ will be worse off than pagans in terms of traumas and disciplines.

21. Not knowing 9-16 above will be extremely costly—for many, probably even eternally costly.

22. Putting off practicing spiritual heart habits and attitudes outlined above will be deadly. One doesn’t wake up on a Monday morning and learn such things in half an hour. It’s almost very very very late to begin PRACTICING such NOW.

23. God does love us more than we can imagine—and certainly more than those of us with ATTACHMENT DISORDER can imagine. He is NOT about to forsake those who have forsaken all for Him.

24. We are called to love even our enemies. That’s not a joke. That’s not a lofty . . . maybe-on-my-death-bed-a-little sort of plan. He calls us to now. He will expect it in the future when enemies will be off the wall horrific. That may still entail dealing with them with maximum force.

25. Yet, we do well to remember that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal . . . to the pulling down of strongholds . . . through prayer, fasting etc. . . . That may not preclude defending one’s home and family with maximum force. One must be led of Holy Spirit in all matters and certainly in that one.

26. The same God who provided manna, quail and water out of a rock in the wilderness . . . is OUR GOD IF WE HAVE ACCEPTED CHRIST AS SAVIOR AND BEGUN TO TREAT GOD AS GOD accordingly.

27. Though an angel from heaven, an “ET” or any other creature preach any other gospel or deny that Christ came in the flesh—consider all such accursed and to be avoided wholesale.

28. Avoid rides with such creatures. Avoid compliance with such creatures.

29. The ruling powers that be in human realms are increasingly evil to the core. Be wise. Fear not. Trust God.