This category is to document and discuss Holy Spirit’s manifestations, giftings, operations in these END TIMES.

Christ did not suffer Pharisee fools gladly 2,000 years ago in terms of their argumentative, ‘proof !DEMANDING!’ hogwash; their self-righteous mercilessness etc.

I don’t plan to, either.

Mutually respectful discussion can certainly entail disagreement.

However, dogmatic, brittle, rigid, narrow, UnBiblical [to me], self-righteous, arrogant, prissy, haughty, hypocritical etc. junk will be removed. Repeat performances will result in the user being blocked from my blog.

Cult hunting obsessive junk will likely be removed. I hate cults about as much as most authentic Christians. I do NOT see a cult under every sofa.

I’ve never met a pastor or preacher who didn’t say some silly to out-right stupid things occasionally. Even my most revered Pastors have. I fiercely resist throwing the baby out with the bath.

It is obvious that God used flawed Great Men and Women of God throughout the Bible. He still does. He probably gets more glory that way.

In any case . . . that’s the way it is in River City and on this blog.

Prickly contrarians; !!!CONTROL!!! phreaques; severely ATTACHMENT DISORDERED obnoxious sorts; etc. will likely be quickly shown the door.

Mutually respectful curious sorts and like-minded sorts are welcome.

Those who primarily wish to disagree . . . case by case basis . . . not much my preference but occasionally I meet someone like that who is interesting and provocative enough toward fruitful thought that I’ll entertain them longer than most others.

Let the games begin.

Blessings to all who come in the NAME OF THE LORD and in the SPIRIT OF THE LORD.


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