What a crass, low class,
weasely thing to do.







My rather vulnerable post #98:

To: Admin Moderator; carriage_hill; Finny; mkjessup; Alamo-Girl; Amityschild; AngieGal; AnimalLover; …

To: carriage_hill; Quix

It’s not your fault. Quix knows full well what Jim has asked him not to do (see post 85), but he refuses to follow such, he continues to post links to UFO conspiracy sites.

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To: jackv; Quix

UFOs are not off-topic – as you can see, this thread has remained up. Quix’s spamming endless conspiracy theories into FR about such is what is restricted by Jim.

Quix knows full well what Jim has asked him not to do (see post 85), but he refuses to follow such, he continues to post links to UFO conspiracy sites.

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That’s a very different reality from my understanding.

1. Even Jim’s instructions have rarely been abundantly clear to me except in their sometimes harsh tone.

2. One of the reasons they have not been clear has been how some seemingly blood-thirsty mods have related to Jim’s assertions as using whatever Jim says as a useful tool to search out any post of mine that can be complained about in any respect in terms of whatever Jim’s statement was–such as the one above from last July.

3. Another reason such statements have never appeared to have remotely clear boundaries is BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE has been more or less FREE TO POST ABOUT UFO’S FROM ALMOST ANY PERSPECTIVE AND ALMOST ANY SITE.

4. THAT MANY YEARS LONG STANDING FACT had made the whole issue of Quix and UFO’s into an exclusive-against-Quix witch hunt using any hint of UFO’s by Quix as an excuse to try and trash me wholesale–particularly in complaints to Jim. That kind of BRAZEN DOUBLE STANDARD is not very Christian and not very honorably conservative.

5. The conspiracy stuff is another wholesale confusing mess in terms of the way it has been handled by the modding on FR.

6. More than 10 years [ago] I was banned for stuff that now has standing threads about it (see the standing Agenda 21 depopulation thread, for example). Jim himself has come to realize that Marxist globalism has been shredding our Constitution and our Republic for a long time.

7. Yet there has been no apology. No one but a few posters like Lazamataz have said that they were wrong and Quix was right. No one among the mods, that I know of has admitted being wrong and thanked me for trying to wake conservatives up sooner about the Constitution shredders and Republic destroyers.

8. Thankfully, most FREEPERS–I’d guess maybe 51% anyway–though some think it’s still only 5-25% now realize these quotes by the world leaders in their own words over the last 200 years are entirely accurate to what the Marxist globalists are up to.

9. My GUESS of an understanding from TRYING HARD TO READ THE TEA LEAVES ON FR about such things . . . has been that Quix most likely cannot safely post much about UFO’s directly–though sometimes that has seemed OK in a quality thread with other quality posters. Simple links to the better off FR sources have usually been allowed.

10. As Alamo-Girl has affirmed in some discussions about the Book of Enoch, it is clear that the fallen angels/ET’s ARE A SIGNIFICANT FACTOR IN THE BIBLE-WARNED-ABOUT GREAT DECEPTION OF THE END TIMES.

11. From my standpoint, certainly the Bible but also the Biblically quoted Book of Enoch take priority over a mod’s opinion about the importance of ET’s in the GREAT END TIMES deception that also happens to involve the Marxist globalists tyrannical world government.

12. As Alamo-Girl has affirmed, my calling and destiny of a WATCHMAN is something I take extremely seriously. Souls’ eternal destinies are at stake. I’m not interested in facing God Almighty and HIM asking me why I didn’t fill my assigned watchman role of warning all I could warn about such satanic GREAT DECEPTIONS.

13. Certainly it is Jim’s sandbox. However, many of us have helped pay for the box and the sand. And many of us have, through our posting and our relationships, helped make FR what it is today. Even seemingly arbitrary or personal vendetta attacks do not add to FR’s good repurtation in the least.

14. I have had an understanding from the RM that posting UFO/ET stuff in the Rel Forum that has a clear prophetic component, aspect, is kosher. However, even doing that has brought the wrath of Kahn down on me when the regular RM has seemed to be absent. That again seems like unclear boundaries on the topic AT LEAST, if not an arbitrary personal witch hunt.

15. I love JimRob and FR more than many seem to understand or comprehend. My significant degree of ATTACHMENT DISORDER compels me to do what I can to TRY and please Daddy JimRob.

16. The seemingly very moveable goal posts and extremely fuzzy boundaries on such topics have been maddening to me, in part, because they have reminded me of my birth dad’s arbitrary and often incomprehensible harshness–and the obviously utter helpless impossibility to please him (my birth dad). That can leave me feeling like desperately throwing up my hands and trying hard to do the honorable and right thing before God as a watchman and try and forget the confusing other stuff.

17. It’s not easy being me. It’s not easy trying to walk the razor blade thin lines that seem to be so much my destiny. However, I earnestly try and do the honorable thing for all concerned–even my enemies.

18. imho, FR and the Republic of the USA are at an extremely critical point in this era. This year could see things go to hell in a handbasket in some very major ways whether it’s WW3 via Israel and Iran’s conflict or ‘merely’ utterly devastating further economic collapse.

19. It seems to me, that FR and the Nation desperately need ALL CREATIVE VIEW POINTS . . . and experts on everything bearing on this timeframe–to collaborate in the great community that FR is–toward whatever we can do to protect ourselves and our families as well as whatever we can protect of our Republic.

20. It just so happens by tons of effort on God’s behalf, that I’m an above average 45-50 years of study expert on UFO’s and globalism. That COULD be seen as a valuable resource to FR as well as to the help of the Republic and certainly of individuals and families.

21. I really don’t have any need to even annoy even my enemies. When pressed to the wall, I can react defensively. However, I’ve been extremely patient for very long periods of time in the face of extremely harsh personal assaults. Harshly mean-spirited personal assaults against me are not only tolerated on FR but often encouraged with impunity. NO SUCH ASSAULTS ON OTHERS seem to be allowed unless they are liberal trolls.

22. No one is any more supportive of FR’s conservative and Christian ideals than I am and have been. No one. Even on my low income, when I’ve been able to, I’ve probably contributed more of a PERCENTAGE of my income than maybe almost anyone else. Sometimes I’ve even donated my tithe. That’s a sacrifice that has not seemed to matter at all to FR. That hurts.

23. If there are now a different set of parameters about posting on UFO’s and ET’s then please spell it out and put it on the home page. And please moderate such honorably without any double standard. I would be happy to comply.

Most sincerely,


One might have thought that calmer, more rational heads would have reigned-in such a virulently hostile person with such a blood-lust vendetta mind-set and emotionality from running amok during a FREEPATHON. I guess not.

Ahhhh welll.

Thankfully, God has it all in His Big hands–sorting it out according to His higher priorities.


Here’s the thread concerned:




“If I’m at your house

and I began to move from room to room

straightening pictures on your wall,

that’s commendable,

but if your house is on fire

and I began to move from room to room

straightening pictures,

I’ve become evil, and wicked

not choosing

to use my time
to save your life.”

I realize that I’m an intense person . . . with an intense personality.

There’s really never been much successful hiding of that fact. LOL.

And, certainly, I’m NOT one size fits all.

And certainly many biases of some readers convince them–coupled with my personality features–that I write primarily to stir up unwarranted to very questionable noise upsetting to Sunday afternoon teas, to the body politic and to sane net forum discourse.

And, certainly, as a watchman trying hard to err on the side of crying the alarm whenever the least bit evidently useful . . . I certainly earn a lot of “He cries wolf far too often” claims.

Yeah, I do expect readers to prayerfully sort out the warnings I write about and seek God’s face for what HE considers important FOR EACH OF THEM in THEIR contexts and for THEIR whatever follow-throughs.

It has appeared in recent months . . .

that a few to several or more mods and users on a number of websites . . .

have begun to intensify their efforts

to prevent expression of views

which they evidently perceive to be a hindrance to satanic Marxist globalist goals, values and perspectives.

I wonder how many readers would be willing to watch for such phenomena and report back to this thread when they see such things.

I’m particularly interested in what SORT of websites they observe such on.

Is it only on moderate to liberal websites or also on conservative websites?

Is it also only

1. in behalf of BRAZENLY GLOBALIST values, goals, strategies, actions, politicos etc.

or also

2. in behalf of moderately globalist values, goals, strategies, actions, politicos?

and/or also

3. in behalf of posts, writings, which could logically be construed as having nothing whatsoever to do with globalist values, goals, actions, strategies, politicos etc. but are seemingly generalized, blackwashed as such?

In #3′s case, that is, do mods and more globalist supportive users wail, agitate, hit abuse buttons etc. toward posts and posters who are logically to clearly saying nothing against globalism but are attacked AS THOUGH THEY WERE.

It is hard to discern in the current craziness of our Republic and our END TIMES ERA . . . just what is going on.

It is certainly logical . . . that IF . . . as many contend, we are ramping up to a full scale WW3 . . . that the psych-ops folks would be operating at full steam and full speed to control perceptions, minimize the effectiveness of truly conservative Christian perspectives etc.

Yet, it’s difficult in such complexity to discern and sort out with any clearly definitive understanding the parameters of such efforts, IF that is, actually, what is going on.

Soooooooo IF there are readers to these humble lines, PLEASE SPEAK UP and share your perspectives. I’m rather limited to my own without y’all’s help.

My own sense is that there may well be an intensifying of such efforts but I’m not absolutely sure.

Thanks in advance,

Da Ai Xin

UFO ASPECTS OF FATIMA–A Pentecostal Prof’s Views


[Note, I have tried to review and critique other materials in a strictly fair-use educational way. If there’s any disagreement about that—please let me know and I’ll be happy to remove whatever is seen as fitting to remove]

I have read many pages related to Fatima over the decades. The last months, I’ve been reading many more pages discussing the clear UFO aspects of the Fatima apparitions of 1917.

I’m firmly convinced, now, that in typical UFO/ET/’controllers’ fashion, the whole of the Fatima events were engineered, designed, structured and carried out as a religious/social manipulation by the ‘powers of the air’ . . . later supported, refined, manipulated by the Jesuits. I’ll first offer this brief commentary and post the links and significant excerpts below in succeeding posts.

Key points that speak conclusively and convincingly of a UFO/ET staged event:

1. The craft

A) typical UFO shape
B) typical UFO light effects
C) typical UFO behaviors
D) typical UFO colors

2. The message Typical UFO RELIGION related messages of

A) Peace—do what we say and have peace
B) resist what we say; fail to do what we say and have utter destruction.

3. Dramatic aerial demonstrations quite dazzling, impressive, “supernatural.” I’m reminded of the Biblical mention of “angels of light preaching a different ‘gospel.’ ”

4. The being–It is difficult to ferret out authentic descriptions of the “Lady” given the Jesuits control of the experiencers and the phenomena. However, evidently the short being had black eyes and other features quite typical for “ET’s” of later years.

Nevertheless, it is also possible—even quite probable that the “powers of the air” were very technologically if not demonically capable of presenting a being in such a context which would predictably feed the Roman Catholic sensibilities and expectations regarding “Mary.” My own sense is that the greatest probability is that the figure present in the phenomena was made to appear female, beautiful, of unassuming size, of slight build etc.

Certainly we know that ET critters can appear as almost anything in the minds of the viewers. It’s not clear whether this is technologically achieved or achieved through some dark spiritual forces and dynamics. Perhaps it is both.

What might the objective of ET forces be for staging such a hoax?

1. Enhancing the Mary iconography and mythology of the vast and powerful RC edifice. That could garner over a billion people to their cause fairly easily.

2. Essentially further turning that mythology to globalist, satanic goals.

3. Taking more overt control of that mythology in behalf of globalist goals.

4. Setting the stage for using Mary and the whole mythology carefully built up around her toward influencing vast numbers of people to compliantly, submissively join the ONE WORLD RELIGION of the END TIMES and support the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT—in behalf of saving the planet from utter destruction, for example.

As I’ve read more of this sort of documentation, I’ve also read many other Mary types of apparitions of the last 100 years. In virtually EVERY CASE, the message of the apparition has been virtually identical to standard ET messages to abductees but with a slight to significant tweaking in a RELIGIOUS DIRECTION—particularly an RC edifice standard mythology RELIGIOUS direction.

I don’t consider that coincidental in the least.

Many ET exhortations are about the environment.

However, when religion is a significant part of the presentation, then the content is essentially the same as that of the Marian apparitions.

1. Believe us and do what we say and you may live long and prosper. In the classic sentence: BELIEVE US AND LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

2. Don’t, and you won’t. Disobey us, fail to do what we say; ignore what we say—and suffer—perhaps have the whole planet destroyed. Of course, with the Marian variety—things are worded quite in keeping with the Marian mythology, terminology, standard behaviors and standard expectations of the Marian group etc.

But the “angels of light” involved are essentially THE SAME. The lofty ‘aura’ and demonstrations—light shows—are essentially the same—the same as those involved in many ‘ET visitations’ had by many New Age Eastern Mysticism folks.

In short, I believe that God has brought the historical documents and their publication to light at this time because we are very close to the breaking out into the open of the whole UFO END TIMES DECEPTION—evidently the GREAT DECEPTION that the Bible speaks of for the END TIMES.

It is Jesus Christ and HIS TRUTH and PERSON who sets us Free—not deception, myth, ritual, idolatry.

The “ET’s,” fallen angels/ watchers/ nephilium et al would have us believe that THEY as “enlightened space brothers” from some far off star system created mankind as well as ALL the great religious figures of the past—for social control and social engineering purposes.

They have also evidently convinced the globalist puppet masters that ALMIGHTY GOD [Whom they construe as merely a heavy-weight one of them] will be defeated by satan and his ET forces at Armageddon.

The battle lines are increasingly being drawn more and more clearly. CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE. Choose this day—Eternal Life—or death.

I don’t write this with any particular animosity towards any authentic Christians in the RC camp at all. I write it concerned for all Believers everywhere and for all humans everywhere—so easily deceived in this era of mass communications—massively deceptive communications.

TRULY we MUST know God intimately; KNOW HIS WORD INTIMATELY and know His Still small Voice well and obediently.

May God confirm to all who truly seek THE TRUTH—GOD’S TRUTH on this and all other matters. Prayerfully yours, DaAiXin




Excerpt just below is from the book:

Heavenly Lights: The Apparitions of Fatima and the UFO Phenomenon (Paperback)


Added commentary/excerpts from the book from:

A meticulous synthesis of history, science, and anthropology, Heavenly Lights establishes that the Fátima Incident of 1917 involved not “Marian apparitions” – as is conventionally believed – but rather, a series of close encounters with alien beings.

The first history of Fátima to be written by Portuguese historians based on the original documents, Heavenly Lights subjects all of the pertinent facts of the Fátima case to a sweeping evidentiary analysis that is at once thorough and fascinating.

In periodic passages describing “Parallels in Ufology,” the authors identify many relevant connections between the enigmatic events that took place at Fátima and numerous other episodes in the strange and storied annals of UFO history.

When it was first published in Portugal in 1995, entitled As Aparições de Fátima e o Fenómeno OVNI, the Jornal de Notícias heralded this work as “a literary success without precedent in the field of Portuguese ufological studies.”

This new translation offers a powerful and convincing argument for mainstream ufologists and religious researchers alike to re-examine the actual evidence that at last explains the enduring mystery of the Fátima Incident.

Topics discussed in Heavenly Lights include how…

– the Fátima Incident of 1917 was a close encounter of the third kind

– the Fátima apparitions involved a series of contacts with alien beings

– Our Lady of Fátima was not the Virgin Mary but an extraterrestrial

– Sister Lucia revealed information relevant to the UFO phenomenon

– the three children of Fátima became pawns of the UFO cover-up

– the Miracle of the Sun was caused by an unidentified flying object

– Ufology must address religious and visionary experiences like Fátima

– The Fátima case involved altered states of consciousness, holograms, microwave radiation, out-of-body experiences, and telepathic communication

– Marian apparitions relate to unexplained aerial phenomena, including alien abduction, ‘angel hair’, foo-fighters, flying saucers, and UFO secrecy

– popular clamor about the Fátima secrets, inspired by Pope John Paul II, obscures the fact that Fátima was the first major UFO case of the 20th century

Editorial review from the last link just above:

Editorial Reviews

Book Description

Did the Jesuits conceal evidence of alien contact at Fátima? The Fátima incident was the most exceptional religious event of the 20th century. In 1917, three Portuguese children encountered a radiant woman, who told them three secrets about the fate of the Earth. During “The Miracle of the Sun,” the solar orb was seen to dance in the sky by thousands of awestruck onlookers who flocked to Fátima.

The apparitions were presumed [PRESUMED] to be a case of divine intervention in human affairs, a sign from Heaven that the world war then raging in Europe would soon come to an end. A shrine sprang up at Fátima that drew millions of believers, and a myth grew that the Fátima prophecies would one day be fulfilled as a testament of faith in a secular age.

In 1978, Portuguese historians Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d’Armada were given unprecedented access to the original records of the Fátima incident, which had been held secretly by the Church in archives located at the Sanctuary of Fátima since 1917.

In Heavenly Lights – a work hailed by the Fortean Times (UK) as “priceless” – Fernandes and d’Armada explored the many intriguing linkages they discovered in the secret archives between the apparitions of Fátima and the worldwide UFO phenomenon. Here, for the first time, they tell the esoteric history of the “cover story” concocted by the Church in 1941, which has both shaped our modern view of the Fátima incident and obscured its true significance as the first major close encounter case of the 20th century.

At the heart of the matter, they reveal, lies a conspiracy by the Jesuits to suppress the fact that the entities encountered by the children at Fátima were not deities descending from Heaven but rather alien beings visiting our planet from “elsewhere” in the vast Cosmos. Illustrated (64 b/w photos, drawings, etc.)

Description of the third book:


From the last link above: The Fátima incident was an important event in the literature of extraordinary human experience. Believers and skeptics have long pondered the identity of Our Lady of Fátima, the brilliant lady who appeared above Cova da Iria in 1917.

Was she the Virgin Mary, sharing divine secrets to those who would believe? Was she an angel, bringing a message of peace to a world made weary by war? Or was she an alien, inspiring humanity to look up and contemplate the heavens?

Now, in Fátima Revisited, an international panel of distinguished academicians and Ufologists subjects the legendary apparitions of Fátima – so long regarded as a sacred religious event – to the scrutiny of modern scientific analysis.

Fátima Revisited explores the relationship between encounters with Marian apparitions, angels, and aliens, and proposes a new paradigm for such phenomena that goes beyond the traditional confines of religion, anthropology, and sociology.

The third volume in The Fátima Trilogy that includes the acclaimed Heavenly Lights and Celestial Secrets, this anthology is the result of a multidisciplinary study by the MARIAN Project — the Multicultural Apparitions Research International Academic Network — which is coordinated by Dr. Joaquim Fernandes at University Fernando Pessoa, in Porto, Portugal[/b].

Additional excerpts from Vallee via:

“…Fatima was a modern event, yet it is already clouded with the distortions of ‘belief’. The Photographs of the object had ‘disappeared.’ The key prophecy has been suppressed. Lucia shut herself away from the world. As the years passed, the object was turned into a ‘dancing sun,’ the angel hair became ‘rose petals,’ and the entire phenomena was removed from the field of science and entrusted to the religionists…

“There have been many modern miracles of the Fatima type, but they rarely gain much attention outside of religious circles. The flying saucers get much more publicity than the miracles.

“Between the years 1937 and 1945, an entity who identified herself as the Queen of the Universe appeared more than 100 times to four young girls in the tiny hamlet of Heede, Germany. The girls, aged twelve through fourteen, were Anna Schulte, Greta and Maria Ganseforth, and Susan Bruns. These visions began in November, 1937 and continued throughout the war, with the Lady urging the world to ‘pray, pray much, especially for the conversion of sinners.’ Hitler was probably none too happy about all of this, especially since he openly considered himself to be Antichrist.

“…On Sunday, June 18, 1961, four young girls were playing marbles outside of the little village of Garabandal, Spain, when they suddenly saw an ‘angel.’ The girls, Mary Cruz Gonzales, eleven, Conchita Gonzales, twelve, Jacinta Gonzales, twelve, and Mary Loly Mazon, twelve (none of the Gonzales girls were directly related), said that he appeared to be about nine years old, was dressed in a long, seamless blue robe, had a small face with BLACK EYES, and ‘fine hands and short fingernails.’ For some reason, he gave the impression of being very strong. This figure was surrounded by a dazzling glow and faded into thin air without saying a word…

“Soon after these initial experiences, the girls began to go into trances (termed a state of ecstasy by religionists) during which they would see the Lady. Sometimes these trances would last for hours, and the girls would remain fixed in an awkward kneeling position and their heads thrown back and their eyes staring at the vision, totally oblivious to the hundreds of people swarming around them.

“The Lady was accompanied by two angels on this occasion. The ‘angels’ were dressed alike, ‘as if they were twins.’ The Lady had long, thin hands, a long angular face ‘with a fine nose.’ and lips which were ‘a bit thin.’ She seemed to be ‘rather tall’


Elsewhere in his book Keel states that many of the “Men In Black” or “People” in black reported in other incidents were beings of the above description – Branton). Her hair was a deep nut brown, parted in the center. This is, of course, an almost classic description of the ‘long finger’ UFO entities described by many contactees.


(Note: this also seems to correspond with the ancient “Eye of Horus” of Egypt, which according to Illuminists represented Sirius and was a major emblem within the Babylonian Mystery Religion. There have been alleged photographs of obelisks on the Moon of the exact shape and description as those found in St. Peter’s Square in Rome, in Egypt, and originally in Babylon. These four-sided, pyramidal-capped obelisks traditionally were the “alters” around which the ancient worshippers of Baal practiced their occult arts and were a combination of phallic and Sun symbols. Could such obelisks be a connecting factor between the ancient Babylonian-Egyptian “Mystery” society and exterran societies of a similar nature, such as perhaps the one alleged to exist in the Sirius system? – Branton).

“The angels in all these cases sound suspiciously like our celebrated ‘little men’ .

“…The many messages conveyed by the Lady have conformed precisely to Catholic dogma, using phrases and references which are significant to trained theologists but would be meaningless to children. The message of October 18, 1961, as dictated by the children, read: ‘We must make many sacrifices, do much penance. We must visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently… unless we do this, a punishment will befall us.’

“…On Friday, June 18, 1965, Conchita entered a trance and was purportedly given the following statements by the Lady:

“’As my message of the eighteenth of October has not been complied with, and as it has not been made known to the world, I am telling you that this is the last one. Previously, the cup was filling; now it is brimming over… You are now given the last warnings.’ (Take note of the remarkable different between the humble, patient and longsuffering Christ of the New Testament, and this boasting, impatient and wrathful “Whore” of Babylon that has appeared to so many children the world over. This is certainly not like the “Mary” of the New Testament and, in fact, it is not! – Branton).

“There is a wealth of evidence and testimony which leaves little doubt that these children of Garabandal were being possessed by some outside influence and were undergoing a supernormal experience…

“THE NATION OF THE THIRD EYE – There is no reason to think that the four children of Garabandal,” Keel continues, “had ever seen, or even knew about, the eye symbol on the Great Seal of the United States (ie. the seal of the Illuminati -Branton). Nor is it remotely possible that the children, or any of the elders of Garabandal, could have known of the importance that this symbol plays in the silent contactee situation. In fact, very few ufologists are aware of it.


It would be interesting to find out why some cultures regarded it as evil, while others used it to symbolize Deity.

“Why did the Third Eye appear beside the vision of Garabandal? Was it a symbol of identification? Or was it a warning?

“…Eight young girls on the island of Cabra in the Philippines began to suffer visions in the early part of the year (March, 1968), and the feminine voice of ‘the Virgin’ promised a miracle. During the last week of March about 3,000 persons poured onto the island and waited. Some, including a university professor, a prominent obstetrician, and an army major, reported seeing A CIRCULAR OBJECT over the island. It whirled and changed through all the colors of the spectrum, they said.

“Among the many correlations, you will note that the month of March and April have often played an important part in these events, just as March and April have always produced many of our principal UFO sightings. These religious manifestations are clearly a variation on the UFO manifestations (or vice versa). The same methods of communication are being employed in both phenomena, and the UFO entities bear a marked resemblance to the religious entities…”

A purported 1917 pic of the Fatima sun doesn’t show a lot but here’s the link:

(Other pics can be linked to from that location):

What is crucial here was going back to the original testimonies and stories. Lucia, the primary “seer” (”experiencer”?), later entered a convent, and her story became progressively more and more attuned to the Catholic paradigm, her writings made subject to approval by Church authorities. The authors have put less emphasis on these later “official” versions, and relied more on the first reports. Lucia originally never said it was the Virgin Mary she saw, it was the adults around her that jumped to that conclusion. Based on the time and culture they lived in, how else could they have interpreted it?

Original drawing: