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My rather vulnerable post #98:

To: Admin Moderator; carriage_hill; Finny; mkjessup; Alamo-Girl; Amityschild; AngieGal; AnimalLover; …

To: carriage_hill; Quix

It’s not your fault. Quix knows full well what Jim has asked him not to do (see post 85), but he refuses to follow such, he continues to post links to UFO conspiracy sites.

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To: jackv; Quix

UFOs are not off-topic – as you can see, this thread has remained up. Quix’s spamming endless conspiracy theories into FR about such is what is restricted by Jim.

Quix knows full well what Jim has asked him not to do (see post 85), but he refuses to follow such, he continues to post links to UFO conspiracy sites.

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That’s a very different reality from my understanding.

1. Even Jim’s instructions have rarely been abundantly clear to me except in their sometimes harsh tone.

2. One of the reasons they have not been clear has been how some seemingly blood-thirsty mods have related to Jim’s assertions as using whatever Jim says as a useful tool to search out any post of mine that can be complained about in any respect in terms of whatever Jim’s statement was–such as the one above from last July.

3. Another reason such statements have never appeared to have remotely clear boundaries is BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE has been more or less FREE TO POST ABOUT UFO’S FROM ALMOST ANY PERSPECTIVE AND ALMOST ANY SITE.

4. THAT MANY YEARS LONG STANDING FACT had made the whole issue of Quix and UFO’s into an exclusive-against-Quix witch hunt using any hint of UFO’s by Quix as an excuse to try and trash me wholesale–particularly in complaints to Jim. That kind of BRAZEN DOUBLE STANDARD is not very Christian and not very honorably conservative.

5. The conspiracy stuff is another wholesale confusing mess in terms of the way it has been handled by the modding on FR.

6. More than 10 years [ago] I was banned for stuff that now has standing threads about it (see the standing Agenda 21 depopulation thread, for example). Jim himself has come to realize that Marxist globalism has been shredding our Constitution and our Republic for a long time.

7. Yet there has been no apology. No one but a few posters like Lazamataz have said that they were wrong and Quix was right. No one among the mods, that I know of has admitted being wrong and thanked me for trying to wake conservatives up sooner about the Constitution shredders and Republic destroyers.

8. Thankfully, most FREEPERS–I’d guess maybe 51% anyway–though some think it’s still only 5-25% now realize these quotes by the world leaders in their own words over the last 200 years are entirely accurate to what the Marxist globalists are up to.

9. My GUESS of an understanding from TRYING HARD TO READ THE TEA LEAVES ON FR about such things . . . has been that Quix most likely cannot safely post much about UFO’s directly–though sometimes that has seemed OK in a quality thread with other quality posters. Simple links to the better off FR sources have usually been allowed.

10. As Alamo-Girl has affirmed in some discussions about the Book of Enoch, it is clear that the fallen angels/ET’s ARE A SIGNIFICANT FACTOR IN THE BIBLE-WARNED-ABOUT GREAT DECEPTION OF THE END TIMES.

11. From my standpoint, certainly the Bible but also the Biblically quoted Book of Enoch take priority over a mod’s opinion about the importance of ET’s in the GREAT END TIMES deception that also happens to involve the Marxist globalists tyrannical world government.

12. As Alamo-Girl has affirmed, my calling and destiny of a WATCHMAN is something I take extremely seriously. Souls’ eternal destinies are at stake. I’m not interested in facing God Almighty and HIM asking me why I didn’t fill my assigned watchman role of warning all I could warn about such satanic GREAT DECEPTIONS.

13. Certainly it is Jim’s sandbox. However, many of us have helped pay for the box and the sand. And many of us have, through our posting and our relationships, helped make FR what it is today. Even seemingly arbitrary or personal vendetta attacks do not add to FR’s good repurtation in the least.

14. I have had an understanding from the RM that posting UFO/ET stuff in the Rel Forum that has a clear prophetic component, aspect, is kosher. However, even doing that has brought the wrath of Kahn down on me when the regular RM has seemed to be absent. That again seems like unclear boundaries on the topic AT LEAST, if not an arbitrary personal witch hunt.

15. I love JimRob and FR more than many seem to understand or comprehend. My significant degree of ATTACHMENT DISORDER compels me to do what I can to TRY and please Daddy JimRob.

16. The seemingly very moveable goal posts and extremely fuzzy boundaries on such topics have been maddening to me, in part, because they have reminded me of my birth dad’s arbitrary and often incomprehensible harshness–and the obviously utter helpless impossibility to please him (my birth dad). That can leave me feeling like desperately throwing up my hands and trying hard to do the honorable and right thing before God as a watchman and try and forget the confusing other stuff.

17. It’s not easy being me. It’s not easy trying to walk the razor blade thin lines that seem to be so much my destiny. However, I earnestly try and do the honorable thing for all concerned–even my enemies.

18. imho, FR and the Republic of the USA are at an extremely critical point in this era. This year could see things go to hell in a handbasket in some very major ways whether it’s WW3 via Israel and Iran’s conflict or ‘merely’ utterly devastating further economic collapse.

19. It seems to me, that FR and the Nation desperately need ALL CREATIVE VIEW POINTS . . . and experts on everything bearing on this timeframe–to collaborate in the great community that FR is–toward whatever we can do to protect ourselves and our families as well as whatever we can protect of our Republic.

20. It just so happens by tons of effort on God’s behalf, that I’m an above average 45-50 years of study expert on UFO’s and globalism. That COULD be seen as a valuable resource to FR as well as to the help of the Republic and certainly of individuals and families.

21. I really don’t have any need to even annoy even my enemies. When pressed to the wall, I can react defensively. However, I’ve been extremely patient for very long periods of time in the face of extremely harsh personal assaults. Harshly mean-spirited personal assaults against me are not only tolerated on FR but often encouraged with impunity. NO SUCH ASSAULTS ON OTHERS seem to be allowed unless they are liberal trolls.

22. No one is any more supportive of FR’s conservative and Christian ideals than I am and have been. No one. Even on my low income, when I’ve been able to, I’ve probably contributed more of a PERCENTAGE of my income than maybe almost anyone else. Sometimes I’ve even donated my tithe. That’s a sacrifice that has not seemed to matter at all to FR. That hurts.

23. If there are now a different set of parameters about posting on UFO’s and ET’s then please spell it out and put it on the home page. And please moderate such honorably without any double standard. I would be happy to comply.

Most sincerely,


One might have thought that calmer, more rational heads would have reigned-in such a virulently hostile person with such a blood-lust vendetta mind-set and emotionality from running amok during a FREEPATHON. I guess not.

Ahhhh welll.

Thankfully, God has it all in His Big hands–sorting it out according to His higher priorities.


Here’s the thread concerned:



A note regarding my notes: I tend to take rather accurate notes. I paraphrase a fair amount for brevity but often have many, if not most key phrases, verbatim. However, I don’t distinguish with punctuation which phrases are verbatim and which are paraphrased. That would entail more bother than I care to engage in at such conferences.

[My own comments will be in brackets, like this]


 The old “You can’t get there from here” nonsense.

 . . .

Betty saw the star map.

Her psychiatrist gave her the post hypnotic suggestion to draw the star map “ONLY IF you can draw it accurately.”

. . .

Marjorie Fish made 26 different 3D models of the star chart in an effort to try and find out where the stars were. She is a Mensa school teacher.

 Turns out, it’s in the galactic neighborhood.

This is a 3 X 3 X 3 foot model . . . ?Wilhelm Lisa? [don’t recall who that is–maybe the astronomer helping the teacher. I forget]

Turns out:

ALL THE PATTERN STARS [drawn by Betty] ARE LIFE TYPE STARS [construed to be well able to support life on their related planets stably over considerable time]



. . . such conditions . . . 1 in 10,000 chance to 1 in 1 million chance to occur like that.

Zeta Reticuli . . . Closest to each other sun like stars in our neighborhood.

39.2 light years from us; 1/8th light year from each other. 1 billion years older than our sun.

roughly 670 million mph = speed of light.

 One debunker asserted that it would take a million million tons of propellent [to do the trick in a certain scenario.]

 Turns out he was of by a factor of 300 million. Would take 3,000 tons.


 Nuclear energy certainly provides more energy per pound.

 [he goes into some of the project he worked on in the past designing nuclear aircraft engines etc.]

There were 1,100 engineers & scientists involved

6′ diameter reactor in one case. 3 foot diameter reactor in another case–1,100 megawatts producing 1/2 the power of Grand Coolee Dam.

 By 1938, we’d figured out that the sun was a fusion reactor. By 1952 we’d put the knowledge to use. 10 million times the energy per particle compared to chemical.

We [not sure who the we is besides US scientists–may have included Stanton] built an electromagnetic submarine.

[talks about charged plasma in aircraft:]

Charged plasa gets aroun sonic boom . . .

[Rails at SETI often . . . ridicules it up one side and down the other]

Cites German vs British scientists in WWII. German scientists concluded that the towers were for radar. Sent a Zeplin up and down the coast to get the frequencies. Listened, came back–zero info. Turns out they were off on their tuning by 10 points on frequency. [Stanton is saying that SETI could be off by any number of point in any number of respects because we are ignorant of what an advanced civilization well beyond us might communicate via]


Philip Klaus [famous debunker] insisted the documents weren’t real over the pica vs elite type issue. He said he’d pay me $100 for every authentic document I could find with [whichever–pica or elite that Klaus said was not used back then–Klaus had never physically been to the archives] I found 14 such documents and sent him copies. He sent me a check for $1,000 but never noted publically that he’d had to pay up. To bad he set a limit, I’d have been rich!

END OF my Stanton Friedman notes.

During some other speakers’ presentations, I sat near Stanton on occasion. I’d sometimes give him questions in writing. Several questions having to do with ET/UFO future scenarios and probabilities, he would reply with “I don’t know.” Even when I tried to get him to wildly speculate and guess–same answer.

I did the same sitting near Timothy Good. I got the same answer.

It also sounded to me this time more than before, that Stanton is decidedly on the side of the perspective that global government is good and that the arrival of ET’s publically will cause mankind to give up Nationalistic frictions and wars and accept a global government.  . . . that the ET’s are likely here to get us to do that in order to allow us to ‘join the galactic Federation.’

It was sad to me to see that he seems to be clearly leaning in that direction.

I’m not so clear that Timothy Good is . . . but it would be congruent with his presentation of himself and the info. He didn’t say anything I heard contrary to that. However, Timothy Good does speak of ET’s causing dastardly negative feelings in humans and doing dastardly deeds with humans.

I hope to get additional note sections up within an hour or 3.